Garden Design and Landscaping in Bromley; Your Questions Answered

Town and Country Property Maintenance primarily operate in the Bromley area. We are a reliable team of landscapers with a full service range that includes help with your garden design. We work with customer concepts and bring visualisations to life. From patios and driveways to lawn care and fencing, our friendly team can cover it all!

Our landscapers talk to property owners in Bromley on a daily basis. During conversation, we are asked a number of questions with surprising regularity. If you have any queries yourself, we might cover the answers in the section below. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Can you help me design a suitable landscape for my property?

Yes. We are garden design specialists and our landscapers have already produced a large number of successful projects in the Bromley area. Planning is the most important part of any job and we take meticulous care when interpreting your own ideas. By being attentive, we can produce a garden design that matches your personal concepts perfectly.

Our landscapers will work with the space you have available and integrate all of the elements you wish to include. We can include plans for a new lawn, perimeter fencing, driveways and patios, decking and even the garden shed! Very few companies in Bromley can match our landscapers for their garden design expertise.

Do you install new driveways? What materials do you use?

Within reason, we can use any material for the installation of new driveways. Our landscapers fully understand that period property owners in Bromley might want something more traditional so we provide the option of using gravel to achieve a more rustic finish. For those who are on a budget, we can lay driveways using tarmac.

Owners of modern properties in the Bromley area often opt for patterned concrete but block paving has emerged to become one of the most popular choices for driveways in recent times. Block paving offers exceptional garden design scope and if it ever needs to be lifted in the future, the entire driveway won’t need to be ripped up.

What can patios do for my Bromley home?

Our landscapers like to view patios as an extension of your living space. If you already have wide doors that lead out into your garden, we can lay patios directly outside them so that users won’t traipse mud back into the home when other parts of your garden are a little messy. Some homeowners in Bromley may opt for decking on uneven garden space.

Our garden design team will talk you through the different materials we can use. Most of the material we use for driveways can make the crossover to patios but we can also supply and lay flagstones if you prefer a traditional finish. Any mess made by our landscapers is removed afterwards to leave your Bromley property looking tidy.

Would you like to find out more about driveways, patios or garden maintenance? Call us now to discuss services in the Bromley area.